GCSE questions

A bank of GCSE maths questions to revise

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# Grade Question Topic Calc
0 E Arithmetic and Fractions of Amounts Number No
1 C Solving Equations and Inequalities Algebra No
2 E Factors and Multiples and Square and Cube Numbers Number No
3 C Pythagoras' Theorem Geometry Yes
4 D Volume of Cuboid and Percentage Decrease Number Yes
5 E Averages and Range Statistics Yes
6 F Negative Numbers Number No
7 E Substitution Algebra No
8 E Rounding Number No
9 C Using and Simplifying Ratios Number No
10 C BIDMAS and Expanding and Factorising Expressions Number No
11 E Averages and Interpreting Data Statistics No
12 C Trial and Improvement Algebra Yes
13 D Volume of Cuboids Geometry Yes
14 E Finding the Mean Statistics Yes
15 D Converting Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Number No
16 D Solving Equations, Simplifying and Factorising Expressions Algebra No
17 F Identifying types of Angles Geometry No
18 C Area of Circles and Rectangles Geometry Yes
19 E Rounding numbers and Using a Calculator Number Yes
20 C Graphs of Linear Equations Algebra No
21 D Estimating Number No
22 D Area Geometry Yes
23 F Multiplication Number No
24 B Solving Quadratics Algebra Yes
25 B Simultaneous Equations Algebra No
26 A. Simplifying Surds and Recurring Decimals Number No
27 C Sequences and Finding the nth Term Number No
28 C Probability and Expectation Statistics No
29 C Metric units, Area and Volume. Geometry No
30 D Generating Sequences Algebra Yes
31 B Pythagoras' Theorem and Circles Geometry Yes
32 A* Solving Equations with unknowns in the Denominator Algebra Yes
33 B Histograms Statistics Yes
34 C Interior and Exterior Angles Geometry Yes
35 E Rounding numbers and Using a Calculator Number Yes
36 C Finding the Mean from a Frequency Table Statistics Yes
37 C Solving Equations with Unknows on both sides Algebra Yes
38 B Solving Equations with Cubic Unknowns Algebra Yes
39 B Stratified Sampling Statistics Yes
40 B Trigonometry Algebra Yes
41 C Rearranging Formulae and Substitution Algebra Yes
42 C HCF and LCM of a pair of Numbers Number No
43 B Substituting into Functions Algebra No
44 D Function Machines Algebra No
45 D Estimation Number No
46 C Highest common factors, lowest common multiples Number No
47 B Standard form Number No
48 B Circle theorems Geometry No
49 A Dimensions Geometry Yes
50 A Proportion Algebra Yes
51 E Probability Statistics No
52 E Arithmetic and percentage of amounts Number No