GCSE Maths exam tips

hints and tips for your exam

• Make sure you show all working out as this is normally worth marks even if you get the answer incorrect.

• Always give the correct units in your answer (m2, cm, kg etc). Check whether the answer requires a length, area or volume as an answer and choose the appropriate unit.

• If a calculator is allowed, push the reset button before the exam begins. It should be in ‘DEG’ mode. Try a simple sum to make sure the calculator is working properly.

• Reread each question and make sure you have answered exactly what the question asked, especially on percentage increase/decrease questions.

• Make sure you ask for tracing paper when answering questions on transformations.

• Use a pencil to draw graphs and diagrams in case you make a mistake. All other questions must be answered in pen.

• When answering geometry questions, see if the question is ‘drawn to scale’ or not. This will tell you whether or not you will need to use measuring instruments such as a ruler or protractor.

• Always show all your construction lines when using a compass.

• Finally, make sure you have answered every question. Check the back page of the exam booklet!

Good luck in your exam!