GCSE maths revision


A tutorial on how to use the StudyMaths 'teacher account'.

Read through this short tutorial on using the features of a 'teacher account'. If you are a maths teacher you can request a free 'teacher account' here.

Analysing the progress of your students

From your statistics page click on 'Admin Panel' to analyse groups of students. Use the drop down menus to filter your pupils by year group and/or maths set. The screenshot below shows an example of the generated analysis.

RAG analysis of pupils

Students can be sorted by clicking on the header rows. Move the mouse over a worksheet number to see the title of that particular worksheet. Each student is 'RAGged' (assigned a red, amber or green colour) for each worksheet to easily see areas of strengths and weaknesses within the group of students.

Setting and changing the details of your students

From the 'Admin Panel' generate a list of students by using the drop down menus. Individual students can then be clicked on to view their details as shown in the screenshot below.

Pupils details

From this page you have the following options available to you:

Warning, deleting a student's account will erase all their data and cannot be undone!

Generating instant written feedback for your students

From your statistics page click on 'Pupil Feedback' to generate instant written feedback for entire sets or year groups of students. The feedback is based on the '2 stars and a wish' model giving praise and offering constructive advice for your students.

Pupil feedback

If you wish to print out the feedback it is best to select all (Ctrl-A) and copy and paste into a word processor with the page layout set to 'landscape'.